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Abigail Baker

Happy Frenchie Owner

We purchased a French Bulldog (Male) from Matt in May 2018. My boyfriend has had a fascination with frenchies and for his birthday I decided I was going to surprise him with a blue brindle. Buying from Matt was a wonderful experience; he made sure we were comfortable holding the puppy, understood the care it needed, and made sure we left with all our questions answered. The puppy is no longer a pup, but a 35 pound bowling ball full of energy. We are very proud to say he’s had little health issues (which are common for that breed) and has been an absolute joy in our lives. He gets the typical zoomies and then tires out after 15 minutes. After such a great experience with Matt, we ended up getting another French Bulldog from a different breeder, this time a female. Our experience with them, and the dog, was the complete opposite from before. We should have trusted our gut and walked away but it was difficult to say no that face. This puppy would not potty train, constantly ate her own feces, had hernias as well as bowel issues. We followed the same tricks and procedures as we did with the first and nothing was working. We ended up rehoming her to a coworker who’s wife works in the home due to the female still wearing diapers. 


We will definitely be purchasing from Matt again. I frequently look online to see what adorable faces he has to offer!

Bill McClean

President / CPM Motorsports

“Bought a gorgeous short and cobby Blue Sable female Frenchie from Matt Stoltzfus and couldn’t be happier! She’s an absolute beast! Thick build, big beautiful head and perfect ears! She’s also an absolute sweetheart! She wasn’t the cheapest Frenchie out there but, she proved to be worth what we paid!”

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