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Frenchie Lovers and Breeders with over 20 years experience

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Welcome to Blue Moonlight Frenchies located in New Holland, Pennsylvania. We have been a french bulldog puppy breeder for over 10 years providing frenchie puppies for people to love as a member of their own family and for other breeders to add outstanding puppies to their breeding program. We pride ourselves on the health and happiness of our puppies and believe that superior parents, high quality nutrition and a clean environment are essential for the very best in health, type and temperament.

Blue Moonlight Frenchies foundation stock has been carefully chosen to ensure clean genetic lines and even temperaments. All of our frenchie breeding stock are purebred AKC registered that are an excellent representation of the breed.

We have some of the most desirable pedigree out there and our dogs quality speaks for itself.

We produce exotic colors such as Lilacs, blues, chocolate, blue-tan, choco-tan, lilac-tan, merles as well as standard color frenchies, so if you’re looking for an specific color and DNA contact us! we most likely have it here and we wont disappoint!


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Whether you’re looking for an specific color for your breeding program or just a family pet we can ensure you that you will be satisfied with our puppies, we strive to produce quality and healthy dogs.

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