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8 reasons to buy a frenchie

Our favorite things.

We’ve all heard it before… a dog is a man’s best friend! But we like to think Frenchies are an extra special breed. Unlike other dogs, Frenchies were bred to be great companions for their owners and share so many special qualities that make them our favorite among the crowd. Check out our top 8 favorite things about our sweet Frenchie pups. 

1. They were bred to be great companions 

Since the 1800s, The French Bulldog has been a domestic dog resulting in a mixt between Toy Bulldogs, imported from England, and local ratters in Paris, France. French Bulldogs get along well with other animals and aren’t big barkers. The dogs don’t need much exercise, so they are fine in small areas and enjoy the safety of a crate. These cuties are easy to welcome into your home and will make you wonder what life was like before your pup. 

2. They are extremely smart

The smartest of all Bulldog breeds, Frenchies display their intelligence in a variety of ways. Frenchies can alert their owners of danger, often create their own “language” and ways to communicate, and aim to please. So if you do your part in training your Frenchie, they will be very receptive to tricks, commands, and rules. There is also no question why French Bulldogs are often starting in feature films. Their affectionate and friendly temperament combined with their ability to be trained makes them easy to direct on movie sets and in shows. 

3. They love to hold a conversation 

Although these pups don’t bark a whole lot, they are very communicative. They use an intricate system of yips, yawns, sighs, and other noises to convey their own language and communicate with owners. With a Frenchie, you never have to guess when they’re hungry, tired, or ready for a walk- they’ll be sure to let you know. 

4. They’re emotional dogs and can be very sensitive 

Not only are French Bulldogs very smart but they also contain emotional intelligence unique to their breed. These dogs are very sensitive and can understand when their owners are sad, hurt, or needing some extra cuddles. Because of their sensitivity, Frenchies don’t love to get scolded. If you have to discipline your pup, they’ll be sure to apologize and understand not to make the same mistake again. 

5. They’re surprisingly good watchdogs 

Contrary to what you might assume, French Bulldogs are great watchdogs. Even though they don’t bark much, these dogs use their communication skills to alert their owners of potential danger. In addition to their communication skills, these pups can put on a mean face to scare away potential intruders. 

6. They’re very trainable and love treats

With diligence and consistency, training your Frenchie is very doable. Although they can be stubborn, they are very receptive to treats and food rewards. With a few simple commands and regular training, your pup will be a master of tricks in no time. 

7. They’re super entertaining

Maybe it’s just us (we know it’s not), but we love a dog who makes us laugh. French Bulldogs are known for their cases of “the zoomies.” If you’ve never experienced the zoomies, you are truly missing out. Watch for hours while your dog whips in circles throughout the house, across the rug, and back the other way. This is one form of entertainment we will never get sick of. 

8. They’re lovable lap dogs 

When you get a Frenchie, you get a friend for life. These dogs love to cuddle and are the perfect size for snuggling up on your lap. They will be forever faithful to their owners and will always show loyalty. 

Now, what are you waiting for? We’ve got the perfect Frenchie for you!